What? Sustainability is boring?


What?...Sustainability is boring?

Standing by the roadside next to a newspaper vendor this morning, all I saw was one headline after another praising the government for its “people-friendly” budget unveiled by the Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi in the Parliament yesterday evening. With an allocation of RM 207.9 million budget for 2009, this is the country’s biggest spending plan ever allocated to boost up the dwindling economy.

Inflation was at all time high of 8.5% in July and many analysts are anticipating that the country’s inflation will be hovering around 6% to 8% in the immediate future as against the economic growth of 5% to 5.5%. Seriously, we don’t need an Einstein to figure out the fundamental flaws in our economic policies. Something is terribly wrong somewhere!

Although the Government is currently formulating a comprehensive National Energy Plan to ensure more productive and prudent use of the country’s depleting natural resources, we all hope that it is not just another lip service.

Meantime, ensuring a sustainable future is a responsibility not only of the government but also of all individuals and the industrial players. Perhaps, it is about time to heed the call for a re-look at the way how things are made: cradle-to-cradle as opposed to cradle-to-grave design paradigm.

Speaking of sustainability, I was amused by Michael Braungart’s definition of sustainability. He thinks that sustainability is boring and this is what he meant by boring:

But I can tell you, sustainability is boring. It is just the minimum. Like when you were asked: ”How is your relationship with your girlfriend?” What do you say? Sustainable? I’d say: “I am so sorry for you.”

Dr. Michael Braungart
(Photo source: http://www.braungart.com/indexEN.html)