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"To each project, irrespective of type, we bring an interest in the personal and collective histor...

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"In areas with many rocks I will design works with stone; in areas with pretty coloured clay I will...

Gregory Burgess

"In a way our buildings are ourselves. Their gestures to the world reflect our human responsiveness...

David Salmela

"Design is about making great things happen in any situation, regardless of the constraints.” A...

Jun Aoki

"Selves are nothing more than chains of accidental occurrences." Architect: Jun Aoki Project:...

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Sayings Worth Quoting, Quotations Worth Sharing


I love this quote by Friedrich Nietzsche and it was quoted in the last paragraph of PZ Myers's article, "Saving gods by making them even emptier" as a reminder to readers of the consequences of religious beliefs:

"Mystical explanations are thought to be deep; the truth is that they are not even shallow."


 "There are two important things to make sushi. One is the material and the other is the skill... For sushi, both the power of the material and skill is important and their balance is very important. I believe that this balance is what people want. People and society are seeking the thing like sushi for the architecture and their city."

-- Kengo Kuma [source]

Architecture and food are products of cultural significance. We often identify and associate a place by its food and architecture. Think of sushi and most likely Japan comes to mind; what pizza is to Italy, "nasi lemak" is to Malaysia although the latter’s origin is somewhat vague and subjects to debate.

What do good architects and chefs have in common? Creativity and a flair for experimentation - I suppose these are the important traits of top chefs and architects.

A chef once told me that food is not only meant to feed the stomach but also to quench the thirst of the mind and the soul as well. This makes me wonder whether we eat to live or live to eat?

A compilation of articles by various authors on food and architecture were put forward in Petra Hagen's The Architect, the Cook and Good Taste.


"I work a little bit like a sculptor. When I start, my first idea for a building is with the material. I believe architecture is about that. It’s not about paper, it’s not about forms. It’s about space and material."

                        -- Peter Zumthor

(Photo source:

My prediction has come true. Peter Zumthor is indeed the winner of this year's Pritzker Prize award - the architecture profession’s highest honor. Peter Zumthor's architecture is not merely an object to be perceived; his architecture is the antithesis of visual hegemony or ocular supremacy. You either love his work or hate it. There is no in-between feeling when it comes to Zumthor's architecture. 

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“No project is too small for big ideas.”

-- John Arthur Morefield

Photo source: Jim Bryant / P-I

How much do you think that architecture is worth at a time of economic uncertainty? 5 cents! I am no kidding. This is what John Arthur Morefield of Seattle does and all he needs is a booth and an empty food tin can, and a place at a local farmers market. Once a nickel is dropped into the can, he would then kick-start a conversation with his would-be clients by asking them a simple question: how does your family want to live?; And how can I help that become a reality?; and the rest… is history. By the way, every nickel John collected will proceed to the Ballard Food Bank.

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"The odd thing is that as children, we knew how to make things while using our imagination. How on earth did we begin to forget?"

-- Jonathan Glancey

Whatever happened to craft?

Jonathan Glancey is absolutely right. I can't agree with him more. Gone are the days when architects were the craftmaster. We are in fact living in an epoch where computers have taken hold of the architectural process as the default means of producing architecture. Things are slowing down and the global economic outlook isn't going to get any better in the next 12 months. Could this be the best time to take up a crafting class? Perhaps, we should as a means to sharpen our designing skill. Our hand can never be replaced by any tools. As Richard Sundberg boldly puts it, " the need to express by hand will continue to flourish."

 Read Jonathan Glancey's "Whatever happened to craft?". Also read "Joseph G. Brin: Portrait of an artist".

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 "Architecture is the most fragile of mediums..."

-- Robert Venturi

This so-called Lieb House designed by Robert Venturi and his wife Denise Scott Brown was sold for just $1. The new land owner had earlier wanted to tear it down but the couple managed to convince one of their good buddies to buy and relocate it hundred miles away from its original location. The transportation cost doesn't come cheap though. It costs nearly hundred thousands times more than the value of the house. Is that a sound investment? Well, there are things that money can't buy when they ( in the original state) are gone forever. $101,000K is sure a good investement for a piece of architecture with sentimental value! >> Read More


Sustainable Architecture Takes Cues From the Original Green: Nature

Glass that "breathes" like gills, solar cells that imitate leaves, and other biomimetic technologies

by Blaine Brownell

 Image courtesy of Shimzu / DiscoverMagazine

Want to cool a building? Steal a trick from the forest canopy and use leaves for shade, as Osaka University did with its Frontier Research Center (pictured above). Builders, architects, and designers seeking better ways to go green are increasingly turning to nature—the original green—for solutions that have proven track records in the real world. >>> Read More




12 architects from around the world were featured in this documentary. All of them have one thing in common; they share a common vision of a sustainable world through the works of architecture. You can read the film's sypnosis here.

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