John Wardle

"To each project, irrespective of type, we bring an interest in the personal and collective histor...

Vo Trong Nghia

"In areas with many rocks I will design works with stone; in areas with pretty coloured clay I will...

Gregory Burgess

"In a way our buildings are ourselves. Their gestures to the world reflect our human responsiveness...

David Salmela

"Design is about making great things happen in any situation, regardless of the constraints.” A...

Jun Aoki

"Selves are nothing more than chains of accidental occurrences." Architect: Jun Aoki Project:...

  • John Wardle

    Sunday, 01 December 2013 00:00
  • Vo Trong Nghia

    Friday, 25 January 2013 00:00
  • Gregory Burgess

    Thursday, 13 December 2012 00:00
  • David Salmela

    Wednesday, 17 October 2012 00:00
  • Jun Aoki

    Thursday, 20 September 2012 00:00

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"If God is the solution, what is the problem?"

-- Ed Chew

I'd rather not knowing anything than relying on a solution that may or may not be true. Why rest on just one solution when we have multiple posibilities for us to consider. Afterall, isn't problem-solving forms part of our thinking and evolutionary process that makes us who we are and what we will become?

"I doubt therefore I think, I think therefore I am," so says Rene Descartes.



"You can't design without knowing schedules and contracts. You can't do schedules and contracts without knowing how to design."

-- Joshua Prince-Ramus


Seattle Central Library. (Photo source:

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"People should have freedom to think freely, not the freedom to do anything they like. Architecture is the same."

-- Tadao Ando

Models of Ando's design for the Abu Dhabi Maritime Museum. (Photo source: The Japan Times Online)

Icon and iconoclast

Tadao Ando's architectural vision goes way beyond buildings. He's an . . .

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“Today, the best traditional architects are renewing time-tested traditions in new old houses meant for the present. These traditions are constantly evolving. Rather than being dead, historical leftovers, they are living customs, each with a fascinating tale of birth, evolution and renewal over time. Today, we are simply adding new pages to the story.”

-- Russell Versaci, author of "Roots of Home: Our Journey to a New Old House"

David Brussat: The history of the new old house


Good architects have always invented within the rules, respected the character of place, and built for the ages with natural materials. Half a century ago, ...

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Glenn Marcus Murcutt, Hon. FAIA, Selected for 2009 AIA Gold Medal

by Tracy Ostroff
Contributing Editor

“...his structures are said to float above the landscape, or in the words of the Aboriginal people of Western Australia whom he is fond of quoting, they ‘touch the earth lightly.’ Glenn Murcutt’s structures augment their significance at each stage of inquiry.”

-- Pritzker Prize Juror

“Recently our architectural field experienced an ‘ecological boom'. However, without relation to such a trend of time, Glenn Murcutt has always been focusing on the geographical and regional conditions, from the very beginning of his career.”

-- Tadao Ando


"Architecture is not only about making a statement, but about making a statement with purpose."

-- Woods Group Architects

While construction activities around the world are gradually grinding to a halt, works on Shanghai's tallest building have just begun despite the grim world economic outlook. The 632-meter building designed by San Francisco-based Gensler Architecture, Design and Planning Worldwide will dominate the city's skyline once it's completed. If architecture is all about making a statement, then this ground breaking work can be seen as a testament to its country's financial health despite the worsening global economic crisis.

Photo source: Gensler Architects


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"I could have designed an eco-house made of straw bales but no one would have wanted to buy one."

-- Andrew Sutton of Gaunt Francis Architects

This is the prototype of the winning entry of last year's British Homes Awards competition. This year's shorlisted entries are opened for voting. Below are some images of this year's entries:

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"I insist absolutely that certain parts of the architecture should be entirely free of paintings."

--Le Corbusier

Modernism's Monster
By Philip Kennicott

Le Corbusier -- the Swiss modernist who, along with Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright, laid down the commandments of 20th-century architecture -- might have known better.

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