John Wardle

"To each project, irrespective of type, we bring an interest in the personal and collective histor...

Vo Trong Nghia

"In areas with many rocks I will design works with stone; in areas with pretty coloured clay I will...

Gregory Burgess

"In a way our buildings are ourselves. Their gestures to the world reflect our human responsiveness...

David Salmela

"Design is about making great things happen in any situation, regardless of the constraints.” A...

Jun Aoki

"Selves are nothing more than chains of accidental occurrences." Architect: Jun Aoki Project:...

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"Beauty is a fact, and it can change with time. Something ugly in the morning can become beautiful in the evening."

-- Will Alsop (source)


Putting Colors Together: An Interview with Will Alsop

For Alsop, it is the act of painting, the state of losing control - its imprecision and intuitiveness - that best define his initial vague intentions - and what ultimately brings him close to the mystery of inventing new architecture.

By Vladimir Belogolovsky
November 30, 2010

Will Alsop

Peckham Library, London (2000), by Will Alsop for Alsop Architects (Photo source:

Color plays a significant role in perceiving architecture as a whole. The effect that buildings produce on us results from the interaction of all of the senses, and the influence of color cannot be considered a mere decorative addition to an architectural work. It was Theo Van Doesburg, the Dutch painter and one of the inventors of neoplasticism, who said: “Color makes visible the spatial effect towards which architecture tends...Color is an expressive material equivalent to other materials like stone, iron, or glass.” One of the most vivid contemporary champions of the use of bold colors in architecture is British architect and artist Will Alsop. He recently invited me to his London studio, where we talked about the role of color in his work.

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"Poetically man dwells."

-- Friedrich Hölderlin, German poet.

Looking for a holiday vacation this year end? Are you bored of the same commonplace vacation scenarios? Prefer to spend your vacation away from the bustling city to a place uniquely exotic and completely indigenous? Would you dare to go beyond the obvious, say dining alfresco above the treetop?

Soneva Kiri may just be your ideal destination to end the year if your budget permits. At USD 4,999 for a 7-night stay package, it's sure to burn a hole in your pocket.

Soneva Kiri

Treetop dining. (Photo source: Soneva Kiri)

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Five winners of the Aga Khan Award

Stories by CHIN MUI YOON
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Bridge School connects the two sides of a village divided by a creek and provides a central, social space. (Photo source: ArchRecord)

These unique architectural and design projects are dedicated to bettering people’s lives and preserving their environs.

A DRAMATIC rejuvenation of a wasteland, a sleek little school that unites a divided village, an historic archaeological site, the renewal of a colonial city centre, and a stunning factory that seemingly floats on the land – the five winning projects of the 11th cycle of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2010 are as diverse as they are unique. >> Read More


" I love architecture and I believe that good quality buildings can make a serious improvement to life. But most people’s experience of modern architecture is civic and not residential..."

-- Alain de Botton, British author and philosopher (source)

Balancing barn

The Balancing Barn in Suffolk, by MVRDV architects

If you fancy spending a night or two in a rented house designed by some of the world's renowned architects while you are in UK, you may want to check out Living Architecture, a not-for-profit organization with an aim to promote world-class modern architecture that can be rented for holidays or weekends.

Living Architecture is co-founded by Alain de Botton, a British author and philosopher who has established his reputation writing about architecture.


"Draw the right picture and you can literally transform the way we see the world."


Thanks to CMEC for the link.

A picture, the old adage goes, is worth 1,000 words. But in science a diagram can describe things that transcend the written word. A single image can convey the simple underlying pattern hidden by words or equations, says Marcus du Sautoy.

Draw the right picture and you can literally transform the way we see the world. But a diagram is more than just a physical representation of what we see with our eyes.

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“Throughout the modern history of architecture, there has existed the noble if naive perception that the best design came from artists whose practice remained untouched by the imperatives of business or finance."

-- Javier Quintana de Ua, dean of IE School of Architecture (Source)

There is a saying that goes like this: it is not what you know, or even who you know. It's how well you know them and how well they know you that really counts - quite true if you wish to stand out among the rest and be successful in any entrepreneurship endeavors.

Morris Lapidus, the late American architect who had designed more than 1200 throughout his architectural career could not have agreed more. If you don't feel like working your ass off for a shitty fees just to meet your ends meet, then go hang around with some rich tycoons hoping that their daughter might be attracted to you. That would definitely catapult your career faster and help you reach the ivy league sooner.

Oh by the way, don't expect this to be taught at IE School of Architecture, known to offer the World's first business of architecture degree.

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"Every citizen has had long associations with some part of his city, and his image is soaked in memories and meanings"

-- Kevin Lynch, The Image of the City

Some buildings were never designed or intended to resemble objects but the similarities were so striking that over the years, people begin to put names to the buildings. Perhaps, having a nickname isn't a bad idea at all; it helps the buildings to be easily recognized or remembered?


China's CCTV - Hemorrhoids. (Photo source: Gizmodo)

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"Architects are trained to design objects. They go through design school looking at form and program. Landscape architects look at voids, space, systems, based in training in ecology. They deal with bringing spaces together -- how they are transformed through ecology. It feels to me that the basic training of the professions is different and landscape architects deal with city building in holistic ways."

-- Mark Rios, architect and landscape architect

Good architects don't just stop at designing objects; they go one step further. They design objects that allow events to take place.

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