John Wardle

"To each project, irrespective of type, we bring an interest in the personal and collective histor...

Vo Trong Nghia

"In areas with many rocks I will design works with stone; in areas with pretty coloured clay I will...

Gregory Burgess

"In a way our buildings are ourselves. Their gestures to the world reflect our human responsiveness...

David Salmela

"Design is about making great things happen in any situation, regardless of the constraints.” A...

Jun Aoki

"Selves are nothing more than chains of accidental occurrences." Architect: Jun Aoki Project:...

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"Modernism may claim the phrase "form follows function," but for any kind of life beyond the vegetal, the typical modernist glass box is the least functional form possible."

-- Arrol Gellner, "A window into 'glass box' flaws" (Source)

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Skyrise Greenery Awards 2010

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (Winner)

This landmark development provides beautiful garden spaces for patients’ healing – truly the hospital in a garden. Patients and guests weave through terraced levels, discovering private niches and trellised alcoves for reflective solace or enjoying the company of family and friends. >>Read More.

[Architecture has] the power to tear asunder the placidity of boredom, and raise your faith into heavens like an unfettered eagle soaring into open sky.

The bracketed words are mine but the rest I borrowed from an article written by Kooi F. Lim, titled "The Soaring Rhythm of Unshakeable Faith". I merely inserted two additional words to the sentence and whola, a whole new meaning emerges.

Peter Zumthor, Brother Claus Field Chapel (Photo source: seier+seier)

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"Throw in a bit of old-fashioned modernism, concern around climate change and some mixed-messages about 'iconic' design. Finally, sprinkle liberally with branding concepts culled from 80s-style advertising culture, and what you have is Cabe-ism."

-- Rory Olcayto, Deputy editor, The Architects' Journall

You may want to check out this new architectural terminology here. There are just too many Cabe-ist in the market for the pleasure of certain quarters.


"To deny the validity of self-expression is akin to not believing in democracy—it’s a basic value—if you believe in democracy then you must allow for personal expression."

-- Frank Gehry (source)

will alsop

Will Alsop's Sharp Center, Toronto. (Photo source)

"Beauty" is a word that many of us would feel cautious about discussing it publicly - thus making it an almost-taboo subject in architectural discourse. "What is a beautiful building," asks Alain de botton in the beginning of his book, "Architecture of Happiness" which he then goes on to question whether or not the structure of buildings can affect human happiness. What I like about this book is that it encourages us to see and experience architecture as it truly is without putting name between our mind and the image that conjures up in it.

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"There are several reasons why models should be part of every design process. Perhaps the most important one is the understanding to be gained by seeing form in physical space."

-- Criss B. Mills, author of "Designing with Models"

I come from an old school of thought which strongly believe that scale models are still the most effective way of communicating a site analysis or a concept. Nothing beats the fun and thrill of making one and seeing it taking shape as time passes. Posted below is a video clip showing a group of students from Taylor's School of Architecture assembling the final parts of their site model. Courtesy Kenny Choo.




"Our architecture reflects us as truly as a mirror."

-- Louis Sullivan (source)

Architecture in 'a tumultuous age'

Kai Ryssdal talks to Blair Kamin (pic), architecture critic of the Chicago Tribune, about architecture in the post-9/11 world. >> Read

Terror and Wonder: Architecture in a Tumultuous Age by Blair Kamin

The Tribune-writing, Cityscapes-blogging, Pulitzer Prize-winning Kamin uses buildings to read the cultural and political currents in this post-9/11 era.
Publishes October 1 (source)



"Architecture is a profession of patience. For the first 10 years you just hope to survive."

--  Florian Idenburg (source)

Leaving the Nest, Protégés Find Fame

IN the video, on YouTube, Madonna is seen laying the first brick at a school in Lilongwe, Malawi. But to connoisseurs of architecture, the real star of the video is the man standing next to Madonna, alongside a rendering of the 40-acre campus. He is Markus Dochantschi, the German-born, New York-based designer of what is called the Raising Malawi Academy for Girls.  >> Read More

Tony Cenicola/The New York Times; Robert Yager for The New York Times (center)

From left, Markus Dochantschi, who worked for the architect Zaha Hadid; Kulapat Yantrasast, who worked for Tadao Ando in Japan; and Florian Idenburg, who worked for Kayuzo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa’s Sanaa.


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